Press Releases

Professionally written press releases

Guarantee your special announcement will make an impact

  • The “who, what, when, where and how” written to your exact specifications
  • Complete press releases delivered in under a week
  • Unlimited revisions to meet your exact requirements
  • Not just writers, we’re Marketing Communication Specialists
  • Our proofreaders ensure 0% spelling and grammar mistakes

About Press Releases

Public relations and marketing communication require consistently effective content to ensure success. We excel at crafting strategic press releases with the right messaging. The end result? You capture the attention of target media outlets, customers, and all key stakeholder who should take notice.

When you need to clearly communicate the who, what, when, where and why’s, Content Caterer is here to tell the story. Whether it’s launching a new product line or announcing a bold innovation, we guarantee a focused, accurate, and enthusiastic representation of your brands voice to the public, investors, partners, affiliates, trade and consumer media.

Our press releases generate the news stories, features, and inbound links to your that build buzz, awareness and credibility for your announcements. From special events and awards, to sales and other financial data, Content Caterer is available to help you get eyeballs focused on the news that matters most. Each press release is crafted according to your specified topic requirements, and is professionally proofread and edited to ensure perfect spelling and grammar. Choose a word count between 300 to 500. Just fill out our brief to get started.

 Why choose ContentCaterer?

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